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During tax season most people look forward to an influx in their income. Of course a tax return is simply money that already belongs to you that was overpaid to the Federal government throughout the year. However, for a large majority of workers, it is money that they would not have been disciplined enough to save on their own. This annual boost of financial fortitude brings with it potential, possibility, and the prospect of prosperity, even if for just a short time.

In many cases the extra hundreds or even thousands of dollars are virtually spent before they even arrive. Past due bills, debt, credit cards, fees, medical expenses, and more all seem to take their bite out of what could otherwise be a unique opportunity to make a wise investment. More specifically, investing in ones self as an alternative to spending tax refunds and other unexpected or one time lump sums of money in other ways is the smartest way to let go of this cash.

The urge to want to tackle debt and clean up your credit may be compelling. Before you begin to spend, there are some considerations you might wish to review. Setting goals prior to spending is critical to the effectiveness of your spending. Learning how to set personal and business goals can take time and explicit effort. However, not taking the time to set goals can be like driving in the dark with the headlights turned off. You will not know where you are going and will waste valuable time. Your goals should be SMART goals -Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. If you are still not quite sure where to begin, here are a few suggestions:

Take care of your health. Eat right each day, fueling your body with nutrients. When you focus on eating organic and healthier choices, you will feel better and have more energy. Healthier food can sometimes be more expensive. This is where the investment becomes relevant. Unhealthy burgers and cupcakes give us instant gratification and may seem to be less expensive alternatives. Nevertheless, considering your health and the cost of neglecting your nutritional and dietary needs, investing in your health is clearly the best choice. You should do something every day to contribute to your physical well being. Be it making healthier food choices, purchasing a gym membership and using it, or simply committing to drink more water.

Attend seminars and workshops to expand your knowledge and skills in your business and personal life. This will also give you the opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded individuals.

Read educational books. Books or audio books are an awesome resource to build your knowledge and expertise in any area.

Invest in a coach. As credit coaches, we provide information and education to help individuals attain the LuxuriousCREDIT that they deserve to have. A coach can assist you in putting specific strategies into action. A coach is your partner in success. It is your coaches job to assist you in creating and implementing your success plan, so you can become the best that you can be.

LuxuriousCREDIT promise: When you invest in yourself, a world of opportunities will open up for you. No one will invest in you until you invest in yourself first.

Investing in yourself emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially, will allow you to become the best version of you. When you are the best version of yourself, you will begin to attract what you want and desire.

Invest in building your confidence. People who know their value, have something to say and others will listen. You can invest in yourself by developing an understanding of the value that you possess and offer others. Learn to have the courage to speak your truth. The more you love yourself and own the value that you offer, the more confident you will become in sharing it with others.

Work on your bucket list. If you don’t have a bucket list, then it’s time to start one. Your bucket list is meant to be a list of everything you want to achieve, do, see, feel and experience in your life. Your list may be ongoing, but you can start by writing 100 things down. Each month, year, decade make sure you’re knocking out at least, one of the items on your list.

Choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice. Happy people choose to focus on the positive aspects of life, rather than the negative. They are not held hostage by their circumstances. They look at all the reasons to be grateful. “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”- Abraham Lincoln

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