Is Good Credit Just As Sexy And Important As Good Health, Hair, & Beauty?

I pose this question because I, myself, am a health and beauty fanatic. I'm always looking at ways to keep fit and when it comes to my hair, I'm a freak about keeping it healthy, helping it grow, trying new styles, and so forth. My eyebrows – arched. My lashes – long & beautiful. My makeup – on point. It's a must that I look and feel my best everyday. And I think I work pretty hard at that. Most other women, especially African American women, do as well. Or do they?

How good would I look with my hair, makeup, and nails all done – rocking the perfect outfit – and stepping out of a 1987 dodge shadow (which they don't even make anymore) with rust spots in various places, muffler hanging, heat/air don't work, and I'm manually rolling my windows up and down? Still living “down the way”. And can't secure a good, decent job to save my life, EVEN THOUGH I'M OVER QUALIFIED. What gives???

Your credit is what gives! Your credit controls literally everything unless you're making boo-coo cash money and you're choosing to pay cash for everything. But how many of us “black women” are in that position. Just Oprah honey, now let's keep it real, lol! And if that's the case, then why aren't we working as hard to improve our credit situation, as we would at looking as beautiful and healthy as we do so that we can, in turn, improve our financial situation? Tell me why.

Well as a certified credit consultant as well as someone who has not always had good credit but who has always maintained her outward appearance, I'm going to give you my theory. Most of us don't know any better and the rest of us aren't even thinking about it. Did you know that the average net worth of a single black woman is only $5. Yes, that's five point zero, zero! Ugghhh! And yet, we still manage to keep ourselves dolled up. That's because of a variety of things but one being a lack of proper guidance and another being the twisted ways of society. Either way, we need to make a change.

So my personal opinion on the matter at hand is that absolutely, positively “YES”, obtaining and maintaining good credit is just as important AND sexy as good health and beauty. Sure you can look good on the outside with all the cosmetic work you pay for but if your pockets aren't right, then how good do you truly feel on the inside. We need to invest in ourselves and our futures. And you need to know that having good credit is not only possible, but it's just within arms reach – no matter how bad you think your credit might be. And it may really bad, lol. But that's okay. Any and everyone's credit can absolutely be repaired. Just check out these results. It CAN be done!

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