21 Day LuxuriousCREDIT Challenge

As a general rule of thumb, most people tend to be more cautious than careless. Often times fear of consequences can be more than enough to curtail any potentially reckless behavior and steer an individual away from harm. Most reasonable people would agree that it is a bad idea to act without first counting up the cost of the consequences that may ensue as a result. However, every one of us would have to admit that there have been times when our actions were guided by forces other than reason, logic, and wisdom.

When it comes to establishing and maintaining LuxuriousCREDIT, there are certain habits and practices that simply do not contribute to your success. It is said that habits are formed and can also be broken within approximately twenty one days. The following are behavior and spending patterns that contribute to debt and poor credit. However, if you identify with one or more of them, all hope is not lost! Commit to the twenty one day LuxuriousCREDIT challenge and you just may be surprised at what a difference it can make.

  • No Impulse Buying

Impulses are natural. We get the urge for something...we want it, and we want it now. This is a normal human response and is often hard to resist. It is also immature. Impulse purchases are often our response to expertly crafted marketing schemes that play on our emotions and compel us to spend money that we had not intention on spending.

  • No Credit Card Purchases

With very few exceptions, the ONLY reason to use credit is to purchase something that you can not currently afford. The use of credit implies that you intend to be in a position to be able to afford the purchase in the future. Let tomorrow worry about itself! For the next twenty one days, only spend money on things that you know you can currently afford to pay for. Everything else can wait.

  • No Newly Established Credit

The borrower is slave to the lender. In our country and culture, debt has been ingrained so deeply into our psyche that to live a life of LuxuriousCREDIT seems almost unattainable or grandiose. It is difficult for Americans to imagine a home without a mortgage, a car without a payment, or a student without a loan. As a culture, the American people can not visualize a life without debt and the use of credit just as slaves, born into slavery, can not imagine a life of freedom.

  • No Un-Budgeted Spending

A well planned budget is a road map to financial success. If properly projected, your budget will give you full control over your spending as well as peace of mind. You will know where your money is going, when, and why. Budgeting is a strategy for smart spenders. Without it, your money will inevitably leave you without a trail or a trace.

  • No Loans or Favors

When a friend, relative, or loved one approaches us with a financial need our first response is often compassion and sympathy. We want to help and we often don’t need much convincing to reach a point where we are willing to give in to their request. However, once you loan money to a friend or relative the result is often a strained or destroyed relationship. These matters can be difficult to manage and often end in disaster. During this twenty one day LuxuriousCREDIT challenge, do everything in your power to avoid handing out any loans or financial favors for anyone.

  • No Cash Advance, Payday Loans, or Title Pawns

Preemptive spending is a hallmark of debt and poor credit. Once you establish  LuxuriousCREDIT you will no longer have need for cash advances, payday loans, title pawns, or the like. For now, jump start your financial fast by swearing off of such indulgences for the next twenty one days. This will require some planning!

Living a life of LuxuriousCREDIT is not complicated. It may be more difficult than the lackadaisical, big spending, budget free lifestyle that many individuals who are consumed by debt may be accustomed to. But, it is not complicated. It is, however, a challenge. The challenge is to live a lifestyle of discipline and strategy. The best place to start is with this LuxuriousCREDIT twenty one day financial challenge. Once you complete this cleanse, you will be ready to build new habits that will lead to the prosperity that you crave. 


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