As a mother, but more importantly, as a woman, Ms. Arnita Johnson has made it her primary mission to “Empower” and “Engage” other women to invest in themselves and to take a stand for their credit status. This goal is what inspired Arnita to create and launch her Blog Website, Luxurious Credit, which she hopes will help to inspire not only hundreds of thousands of women across the globe, but also more people in general, to realize that obtaining good credit is not only realistic and possible for them, but it is literally just within arm’s reach. She and her team are ready and willing to help them do that.


For more than 8 years now, we have diligently studied consumer rights and consumer law, where credit and debt collection is concerned. We invest in top of the line, credit restoration continuing education.

It is our personal mission to EDUCATE and EMPOWER as many people as we possibly can. Arnita's team displays the absolute best customer service that you will ever experience. And it's all because they understand and can personally relate to what YOU are going through.

We have a huge passion for advocating accurate credit reports and scores. We will work closely with you to help you achieve your personal credit goals. We will educate & empower you. And we will fight for you by any means necessary.

This is why AMB Credit Consultants was established and this is why we've been able to successfully repair thousands of inaccuracies, helping to remove hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of unverifiable consumer debt from our clients' credit reports.

If you are ready to make a change - just as Ms. Johnson, her team, and thousands of others have done - to take back your financial independence and to obtain luxurious credit, then you WILL NOT be disappointed when you DECIDE to work with Luxurious Credit & the AMB Credit Consultants team.

We can Help You live a better life